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Apprenticeships in Scotland

We support employers and employees to get qualified for the work they currently do




The Virtual Learning Academy has been working with employers and employees to support them through their apprenticeship for over ten years. We provide all levels to support employees through their career journey. We get full or part funding from Skills Development Scotland for employees (new or existing) to gain a qualification for the work they already do.



We provide three levels of accountancy apprenticeship from new start to professional accountant. These are levels SCQF6, SCQF7, SCQF8.


Business Administration

We provide three levels of qualification for business admin to support employees throughout their career. SCQF5, SCQF6 & SCQF8.


Customer Service

This SVQ covers communicating in a customer service environment and delivering customer service within best practice guidelines, understanding of customer service and the rules that impact on improvements in customer service. 


Digital Marketing

Whether you’re interested in Instagram or Facebook, there’s a job for you in the digital marketing industry. This apprenticeship is ideal for anyone who wants to work in a fast paced, creative environment.


Data Analytics

Data is vital in the business world. Companies use it to understand their customers and plan new projects. So, there’s a real demand for people with specialist skills in this area. Study for an apprenticeship in data analytics and be part of an industry that open doors to a variety of jobs. 


Digital Technology

We provide three levels of qualification for Digital Technology to support employees throughout their career. SCQF5, SCQF6 & SCQF8.


Facilities Services

Facilities services can include something as simple as trimming the shrubs in front of the building, or as complex as a complete remodel of the fourth floor. 



We provide three levels of qualification for Hospitality to support employees throughout their career. SCQF5, SCQF6 & SCQF8.


Logistics Operations

The Scottish Vocational Qualification (SVQ) in Logistics Operations at SCQF level 7 allows candidates to demonstrate competence in job related skills in their particular area of work and expertise.



We provide three levels of qualification for management to support employees throughout their career. SCQF7, SCQF9 & SCQF11.



This qualification covers areas such as employment legislation for payroll, reporting, PAYE, Income Tax, and National Insurance contributions.


Project Management

The Apprenticeship in Project  Management includes studying for the APM PMQ exam. It balances theory with practice.

Studying with the VLA

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