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Case Study – Sureclean

The Virtual Learning Academy were asked to provide a range of management & leadership qualifications to all level of personnel within Sureclean. A qualification could not be found which exactly matched the organisation’s requirements. The VLA successfully worked with the Chartered Management Institute to bespoke their qualifications to provide programmes of learning that were both accredited and highly relevant.

Sureclean is an established international service contractor providing specialist and innovative solutions to the Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Renewable, Utilities, Civil Engineering and Construction sectors. Specialising in high pressure and ultra high pressure water jetting and its associated applications, Sureclean have developed a portfolio of services in support of their customers in commissioning, maintenance and decommissioning activities.

The Challenge

In 2012 Sureclean discussed with us that they wanted a supervisor and management development programme that would produce tangible results. The key drivers for the request were many: improve employee engagement, reduce employee turnover, improve the client experience, develop and motivate the teams and empower their people to become effective leaders.

What Sureclean requested

  1. A progressive framework which could support their employees as they progressed.
  2. To develop employees leadership skills, communication skills and ability to motivate, develop and support their teams.
  3. As safety was of paramount importance to the organisation they wanted to include ‘safety leadership’.
  4. For maximum benefit and ROI they wanted the courses to be specific to Sureclean processes and procedures. 
  5. Accreditation so that all employees gained a qualification.

Identifying a Solution

The VLA studied differing management frameworks. The key issue was that no accrediting body provided qualifications flexible enough to meet their needs. The biggest challenge was incorporating leadership skills with safety leadership. The VLA then worked with the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) to bespoke a leadership qualification which included safety leadership and met all of their needs. Cath at the VLA then worked closely with Sureclean personnel to gain an understanding of policies and procedures within the organisation. She then tailored the courses to incorporate safety leadership and make it specific to the needs of the organisation.


The Solution

The solution was to put all personnel through a CMI Certificate at an appropriate level to their role. All course materials were designed, bespoked to the needs of the organisation and delivered by the VLA.

  • Supervisors studied and gained the Level 2 Certificate in Team Leading (including safety leadership)
  • The key areas studied were leadership, team communication and team performance
  • Desk based managers and project owners studied and gained the Level 3 Certificate in First Line Management (including safety leadership)
  • The key areas studied were leadership, management communication and developing individuals and teams
  • Senior managers studied and gained the Level 5 Certificate in Leadership and Management
  • The key areas studied were ‘being a leader’ and ‘performance management’
VLA Sureclean Case Study

Adapting to the needs of the Learners

To gain the qualification all employees had to write a report. It was recognised prior to starting that this could not be achieved by putting them on a course and sending them away to write it. The pace of the organisation meant that this would be difficult for them. With a range of levels, learning styles and abilities it was also recognised that many would need support to complete.

To overcome this the VLA adapted the course structure so that all candidates completed all assessment materials in class time. This meant that they received support to complete and the VLA were able to work more closely with those with additional support needs or who simply lacked confidence in their learning. The key benefit to employees was that they completed their assessments prior to leaving the course.

The Result

To date over 80 personnel have been put through the process. The achievement rates have been particularly high with all completing passing. This is a fantastic achievement for the organisation bearing in mind the logistics of getting personnel freed up to attend in a fast moving environment.


Sureclean Case Study

Next Steps

Sureclean Ltd continue to be committed to their Supervisor and Management development. Two years on the courses continue with new employees going through the process and previous completers going up to the next level.

VLA Sureclean Case Study Cath Sutherland

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