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Diploma in Digital Marketing

Case Study 1

Wilma Bowie

Administration Manager – Alert Health

Joint Owner – Ness Music 

“I’ve found the Diploma in Digital Marketing such an interesting course.  I didn’t realise how much I already knew, just through experience of pottering about on social media and the two businesses I work in.”
virtual learning academy Wilma Bowie 2

I must admit.  When I was first approached by Amy, my Managing Director, who had set up a meeting for us, with Louise from VLA, I was apprehensive. Interested, but apprehensive.

I’d always known the merits of the Modern Apprenticeship programs as I previously ran a secondary school office where we assisted in promoting them to pupils.  Also, both my daughter and son have gained valuable qualifications via Modern Apprenticeships.  My daughter is now an Accountant and my son an IT Technician, who both benefited from earning and gaining valuable on the job experience while undertaking their qualifications.

However, at my age and my time of life, what was I doing even thinking about taking on a new qualification? Me? A Modern Apprentice? I’m a granny not an apprentice!!

I’m Admin Manager at Alert Health and a business woman, owning Ness Music with my husband. I’ve worked my way through life, gained valuable skills and not a qualification to prove my experience other than the ones I left school with and an ECDL!

Therefore, the thought of official studying for a Diploma in Digital Marketing was extremely daunting but it still interested me.   It wasn’t just a matter of ‘where on earth will I find the time’ it was ‘can I study, how do I write assignments, am I good enough?’

I started to look through the course work on line and, quite frankly, scared myself witless but I still went ahead and attended our first course day with Roy.  Basically, I went because I didn’t want to let everyone down and I’m so glad that I did.

My Modern Apprenticeship through Virtual Learning Academy is now over half way done but it’s a win, win right along the course. Although I’ve done it quite quickly, you can work at a rate that you are comfortable with and what fits in with your work and family life.  The funding is there whether you do it in months or 2 years.

I’m already implementing skills I’ve been learning along the way into our marketing for both Alert Health and Ness Music. So, your business benefits as you learn and progress through the course.

I can honestly say that I am enjoying the study, I’m enjoying learning again and the sense of achievement that this course is giving me. I’m achieving something that, in the beginning, I had a lot of self-doubt about which shows, if I can undertake this, everyone can and I’m hoping that by the summer, I have a Diploma in Digital Marketing Certificate.

If you find a course that you are interested in, find out more about it, sign up for the course and have some belief in yourself and your abilities. The course that I’m undertaking is very user friendly and the tutors are there to help you along the way, willing you and helping you to achieve your qualification.

To anyone that has the doubts I did whether it’s due to your age or your doubt of your ability, all I can say is, don’t talk yourself out of it.  Go for it!

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“This course has been great in adding to the bits and pieces I’d already picked up and giving me additional, valuable knowledge, experience and skills that I otherwise wouldn’t have had.”
Alert Health Wilma and Amy

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