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Strategic Management & Leadership SCQF11

CMI Level 7

About this qualification

Gaining a Chartered Management Institute will be a fantastic confirmation of your managerial and leadership experience. The CMI are the only body able to award the coveted Chartered Manager status in the UK. 

These qualifications are designed for individuals wishing to develop strategic management and leadership practice who will have the knowledge, skills and behaviours to drive business activities in a senior management and leadership role.

The qualification contains a breadth of units, which are reflective of the tasks and activities required by managers or leaders in a variety of roles such as senior managers, regional management, specialist managers who are accountable to a senior manager or business owner, or directors.

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What you will learn

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Course Content

How will you learn

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Studying Accounts
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CMI Student Membership

When you are undertaking a CMI qualification you will be enrolled as a studying member of the CMI. This then allows you to access all of the benefits of being a CMI member

After one year you can choose to pay to continue your membership if you wish and gain postnominals after your name.

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