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Our vision is to create a one stop shop for professional and vocational development.


Our mission is to break down the barriers to learning to ensure opportunity for all. Created ten years ago our mission is more relevant than ever.



Being brought up in the Scottish Highlands the director Catherine Sutherland experienced many barriers to learning, specifically the geographical barriers inherent in this remote region. With this in mind she set about creating a flexible learning model that takes the learning to learners. With the advent of covid the value of this model extended far beyond the Highlands and is now utilised country wide.

Our Impact

Today, we work with employers, schools and individuals to provide professional and vocational learning and accreditation. Each programme is unique and built around the learning needs of the learner and employer. 

We work with all of our learners, employers and schools to overcome the challenges individuals face. From learning style to personal or work commitments and geographical to finance we provide innovative solutions to help people achieve. 


Our Partners Accrediting bodies